Do you Grow It, Make It or Bake It?

Join FARM, and you'll have access to FOUR markets in THREE locations, April to November.

Our markets are growing! We do extensive marketing to our customers with weekly emails, giveaways, contests and promotions, social media connections and more. Our weekend markets feature live music and events to make them a fun destination for shoppers.

Download a printable farm membership application here.

Download a printable farm artisan membership application here.

Download a printable food truck application here.

Fill-in details and mail payment to:

c/o Kathy Chippendale
411 Lone Ridge Lane
Clinton, TN 37716


Email Kathy Chippendale at:


Membership Rules/Regulations     [Printable Version]

  1. Members can sell only items they have grown/produced. Members must grow the products they sell on their farm, their family farm, or land they have leased or rented. No produce can be bought and resold.

  2. All products must be sold by the F.A.R.M. member, immediate family member or designated employee on behalf of the member with prior notification to the market manager. From time to time an Active member may sell produce of another Active member after obtaining permission from the market manager on or before sale date. You must submit separate commission slips for each vendor’s products.

  3. F.A.R.M. members must be resident of Tennessee and may sell only produce or products grown or produced in Tennessee. No out of state produce or products allowed.  

  4. Only individuals may apply for Active membership. Co-ops, farms, partnerships, bread bakers, etc. may apply for Special membership.

  5. The annual membership is $30.00. Each member is allowed two (2) parking spaces for one vehicle per membership (Artisans allowed 1 space). One additional parking space is available for a fee of $30.00 payable with your application. To accommodate vendors selling from vehicles with trailers attached or vehicles that won't fit wholly within 3 parking spaces, truck spaces (4 parking spaces) are available for a fee of $100.00 per season, due and payable with your application.  The fee is non-refundable and not subject to prorating.

  6. Three Canopies per vendor are allowed per market.

  7. Members must agree to allow the Screening Committee to inspect their farm to ensure all products offered for sale are being grown/produced by the members.

  8. A commission (presently 5%) based on gross sales for each sale day must be paid to the Market Manager.  All deliveries including CSA’s are subject to a 5% commission.  Guest Vendors will pay $20 plus 5% commission.   The completed sales and commission form and commission must be turned in each sale day no later than 6:15 PM for afternoon markets and 12:15 PM for morning markets. Please write your name and date on the envelope provided.

  9. Before entering the market area, check in with the Market Manager. He/she will verify your membership and help you find a space or fill in between spaces.

  10. There will be no early sales; everyone begins at the same time - NO EXCEPTIONS. Pre-bagging is allowed.

  11. First time sellers (new members) must submit their application at least two weeks before they expect to sell and before the May 15th deadline. A first-time, non-refundable $25.00 inspection fee will be charged to help cover cost of inspecting new members.  If the application is received close to this deadline, FARM cannot guarantee an inspection but will make every effort to have the new applicant inspected.

  12. It is the member’s responsibility to follow all of the food safety, State and Federal regulations when producing and marketing their product. Failure to follow rules can lead to termination of membership.

  13. Any member selling items that require State certification/permit must supply a copy of their current certification/permit and last inspection and all scales must display current TDA inspection sticker.  Active members selling non-potentially hazardous foods prepared in a home-based kitchen must conform to state required signage, labeling, etc., as outlined in TN Code Ann. 53-8-117. 

  14. All members are required to post their prices either on a chalk or dry erase board or on each item. Pricing should be clearly stated by the pound, container, package or bunch.

  15. Member is responsible for leaving his/her site clean.

  16. Meat vendors who do not raise livestock from birth must adhere to the following guidelines of ownership prior to slaughter to be considered raised. Bovine species, at least 9 months, ovine species, at least 6 months, swine, at least 4 months and poultry must be owned on 5th day after hatching.

  17. Canopies must have weights on all legs or combination of canopy tied to vehicles and weights on front legs.  Suggested weights 15-20 pounds.  If the tent is not weighted or there is inclement weather, the Market Manager or a Board Member reserves the right to ask that canopies be taken down.

  18. F.A.R.M requires a clear unobstructed walkway.  Signs posted in the walkway or signs posted from canopies at eye level are prohibited and the Market Manager will ask that you remove them.  Walkways should be kept clear to let emergency personnel and vehicles through.

  19. All complaints, problems, or grievances must be directed to the Market Manager.  If he/she is unable to resolve the problem, it will be directed to the Board of Directors.  The Board will review the situation and take steps to resolve the problem.

  20. Vendors in violation of Market rules or bylaws will go through the following steps:
    1. Verbal Warning with a signature required
    2. Written Warning
    3. Suspension from the Market with time TBD by the Board of Directors

For more information contact the F.A.R.M. Board of Directors:

Kathy Burke Mihalczo (President)      
(865) 435-1452
Kellye Wilson (Vice President)  
Kathy Chippendale (Secretary)
(865) 567-8250
Betty Longworth (Board Member) 
(865) 680-1037
Justin Lively (Board Member) 
Shirley DeBusk (Alternate)
(865) 992-0223

Click here to download FARM By-Laws

2019 Market Locations

Knoxville, Ebenezer Road Farmers Market, Tuesdays, 3-6 p.m and Fridays, 3-6 p.m., Ebenezer United Methodist Church, 1001 Ebenezer Road, Knoxville, TN.

NEW! Knoxville, Hardin Valley Road Market, Wednesdays, 3-6 p.m, Hardin Valley Church of Christ, 11515 Hardin Valley Road, Knoxville, TN.

Oak Ridge: Jackson Square, Broadway Ave., Oak Ridge
Saturdays - 8am, through November

Note:  Market opening dates may change upon the approval of the membership.  Additional market locations may be added if the need arises.

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